Actionable insights across platforms — effortlessly

Track performance and gain actionable insights with a consolidated view across all your social platforms.

Advertising reporting
Multiplatform reporting with

Get performance data and creative insights you can actually use

Over half of marketers feel they don't have quick and easy access to the data they need to most effectively do their jobs.

Set up scaled experimentation and learn what’s working with customized reporting and live feedback in dynamic dashboards.

Unlock insights across ad accounts and social platforms to and save hours of jumping between different platforms.

Integrate first and third-party data sources to make informed decisions based on the metrics that matter most.

Leverage real-time insights to identify which creative elements are statistically significant to enhanced performance.

Measure and Learn
from a Single Point of Truth

See your data in a single platform across channels. Integrate 3rd party data and build a dashboard that helps you to optimize and learn what is working for you. Get insights and unlock performance lift.

KPI tracking with custom expressions

Define the KPIs that matter the most

Build custom expressions that measure against the metrics or attribution windows that matter most to your business goals across multiple campaigns.

integrate 3rd party data

Integrate your 3rd party data

Gather all your data sources into a single platform and connect the dots across the buyer's journey.

Learn and optimize your ad creative

Learn and optimize your creatives

Our custom tags define and measure creative success and help you to identify key creative patterns and produce better performing creatives.

Automate your campaigns with triggers

Optimize your campaigns with automated triggers

Decrease your manual workload by enabling automatic triggers, optimizations, and alerts such as pausing underperforming campaigns or scaling budget for high-performing creatives.

Case Studies

With a fully automated setup, MediaMarkt saves 20-30 minutes per campaign and finds stronger insights faster


TotallyMoney saves 17 hours on reporting and analysis per week using Pivot Tables with personalized views


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