Expand your reach not your workload

Automate campaign workflow to reach customers across channels from a single point of control.

Expand your reach in digital channels with Smartly.io
Multichannel advertising

Multi-platform consumers are multi-challenging

Consumers use an average of 8+ platforms, which means brands have to repeatedly build campaigns, produce creative, and test everything. This time-consuming, manual work makes it challenging to react quickly and focus on the bigger picture.

Reach the consumer by meeting them where they are. This requires agility to manage creative and media budgets across multiple platforms.

Reduce manual work and task duplication with one primary interface. Use one campaign creation console to streamline scaling across new platforms.

Allocate budgets faster by reducing admin time typically spent maneuvering across disparate logins and platforms.

Increase control over media spend with smart campaign orchestration and execution with automatically pausing underperforming campaigns.

Win in a Fragmented Digital Advertising World

Launch multiple campaigns and ad groups at once. Manage and update your campaigns with automated workflows - no manual work needed.

Smartly.io automates your campaigns

Automate your campaign work

Simplify campaign workflow & accelerate execution with the ability to create, launch and edit multiple campaigns & ad groups at once.

Smartly.io  multiplatform reporting cababilities

Centralize your campaign management

Manage your campaigns and reporting from one UI - scale your efforts across different platforms without the need to login into multiple tools.

Smartly.io budget algorithms

Maximize your success with predictive algorithms

Customize goals from your data sources to automatically reallocate your budget across highest performing campaigns or ad sets.

Case Studies

Sonova saw a decrease of 9% in cost per lead and a decrease of 30% in cost per scheduled appointment


Deliveroo reaches hyperlocal audiences and decreases CPA by 47%


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