HelloFresh Scaled Customized Video Ads while Increasing Team Efficiency

Smartly.io’s Creative Studio team and Automated Ads enabled HelloFresh to triple its social advertising team's efficiency, and increase the production of customized video ads tenfold for its 2019 Christmas campaigns on Facebook.

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Increase in workflow efficiency


More fresh customized video ads created

2 Challenge

HelloFresh, the #1 meal kit provider who’s on a mission to change the way people eat, aimed to drive growth by reaching new audiences and engaging existing customers on Facebook. Specifically, the company wanted to target 12 different markets with personalized Christmas countdown concept video ads that refresh everyday with customized copy in various ad formats. 

The existing marketing process and structure could not support the scale and speed of operations required to execute on this level of social advertising innovation. Teams had to go through a manual process that takes days each time they needed to apply customizations on their ads: product details, pricing, discounts, etc. Furthermore, it proved difficult to replicate the process and standardize the quality of work across all 12 target markets that HelloFresh was trying to reach.


3 Solution

In order to execute on these personalized holiday video ads, HelloFresh turned to Smartly.io, which shares the same values of being customer centric, innovative, performance and data-driven, to develop an automated and scalable solution. With the help from Smartly.io’s technical solutions team and 24/5 online support, HelloFresh managed to unlock the potential of the automation offered by Smartly.io and change their entire workflow by setting up the following:

  • A product feed that is constantly updated.
  • Video Templates that are linked to their product feed.
  • Automated Ads campaign that creates customized videos pulling from the Video Templates and product feed. This solution also launches the ads to Facebook and keeps them updated by reflecting changes from the product feed in real-time.
  • Advanced reporting views that enable access to real-time actionable insights and creative improvements. These insights can be directly applied to Video Templates, and updates will be reflected on all the ads automatically. 

The new workflow enabled four HelloFresh teams -- the paid social team, the design team, the local team and the data team -- to work seamlessly with Smartly.io.


4 Outcome

Smartly.io’s solution with Automated Ads and Video Template features helped to reduce operation and production costs significantly while providing a scalable way of engaging audiences with personalized ads. In fact, HelloFresh cited a 300% increase in efficiency compared to previous projects. 

Additionally, with 10 days planning and execution, HelloFresh managed to create 576 Christmas countdown concept video ads -- 10x more than allowed by the old marketing structure and process -- across 12 countries in both 4:5 and 9:16 formats that refreshed everyday automatically. 

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"Automated Ads and Video Templates were incredibly useful during our Christmas season campaign, enabling us to create personalized ads for 12 countries in only a few days. Smartly.io’s unique capabilities allowed our marketing team to mass scale the ads while still focusing on individual customer needs."

-Friedrich Bremer, Online Marketing Manager - Paid Social,HelloFresh

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