Smartly for Travel

AI Powered Travel Marketing

Prepare for landing more bookings with Smartly’s digital advertising platform, delivering real results without the baggage. Smartly unifies creative, media, and intelligence into one all-inclusive platform, empowering travel advertisers to deliver personalized experiences effectively at scale.

How travel advertisers are increasing bookings and app downloads

  • Adapt creative to weather, pricing, and other changes with dynamic ads
  • Utilize automation to scale creative across markets, languages, destinations, and more
  • Save time with image and video templates that serve all digital channels from one centralized asset library
  • Leverage generative AI and data-driven creative optimization

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Automate your ad campaigns and let Smartly navigate your journey

Travel ad pros need to kick back, too. Live more leisurely with the modern way to deliver campaign success across all channels.

Creative that’s authentic and on brand

Automate your creative production and offer personalized experiences that engage your target audience and drive business goals

  • Dynamic image and video editor
  • AI powered templates & feed-based automation
  • Creative intelligence tags & insights

Maximize Full-Funnel ROAS

Launch multiple campaigns and ad groups at once. Manage and update your campaigns with automated workflows with no manual work required.

  • Launch & edit multiple campaigns and ad sets across platforms
  • Predictive algorithms and automated triggers
  • Brand and performance measurement

Real Time Insights and Optimization

See your data in a single platform across channels. Integrate 3rd party data and build a dashboard that helps you to optimize and learn what is working for you.

  • Dynamic pivot table reporting dashboards
  • 1st party and 3rd party data integrations
  • Automated ad rotation and fatigue prediction

What our customers say

"Smartly is making great progress into taking the lead in enabling the use of generative AI in digital advertising. Not only in creative production but across the full workflow from campaign set up and ad trafficking to reporting and creative intelligence insights back to campaign optimization."

Marialena Michailidou

Group Digital Marketing Lead

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