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Johanna Kalli May 23 2018 8 PM | 3 min read

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In the constant battle for attracting the right eyeballs, advertisers are creating high volumes of appealing ads that need to be on-brand, relevant, and personalized. With the bespoke Image Templates tool, our customers can create and edit templates without the need for other 3rd party creative tools.

"We used image templates as soon as they were available. They helped cut down time in ad production significantly and made it easy to create on-brand ad creatives from product images."

- Angy de Boer, Head of Facebook Advertising, Jumia


Built-In Editor - Create And Edit Templates Without 3rd Party Tools

As digital advertising is all about relevancy and hyper-personalization, many advertisers find it challenging to keep up with the constant need for beautiful, performance-driving creative. To fight ad fatigue, visual updates and tweaks are crucial to keep the campaigns from blending into the feed.

At we recognized the need for creative technology tools early on and have offered Dynamic Image Templates for years now. This award-winning feature has now inspired us to make the same functionality available for regular ads, too. Image Templates allows advertisers to edit all creative elements directly in the platform. Image Templates supports editing and asset customization across all campaign types and solves many common bottlenecks that occur in production as it eliminates the need for outsourcing tasks to designers or agencies.  


“We’re using Image Templates every week to play around with ways to promote best seller products and test what kind of creatives drive performance. They make it easy to create good-looking Slideshow and Collection ads from our product catalogs.”

- Marian Coll, Senior Acquisition Manager, Techstyle


The Benefits of Automating Creatives

The Image Templates tool works with creative layers, similarly to Photoshop. The layers are separate components with additional information that are added on top of the image. All aspects of the ad are customizable; fonts, colors, borders, overlays, images, and the copy can all be edited. Hence, all edits and additions happen in the layers, not in the image itself. Automation of creatives diminishes the not so common, yet unavoidable, risk of human errors and mistakes. Instead, all ads will always stay true to the brand, while serving the consumer personalized and hyper-relevant content.

Automation also allows advertisers to keep production in-house, which reduces misunderstandings, delays in deadlines, and something getting lost in the infinite depths of cyberspace. It also makes manual iterations a fast fading memory, and thus teams can re-allocate their time on strategic work and creative testing. The tool is made intuitive so that advertisers without an extensive design background can easily create compelling ads in the platform.

However, solely appealing visuals don’t suffice in today’s competitive environment. Ads need to be true to their formats and channels as consumers are becoming more digital savvy day by day. Ads that are not in the format that the platform requires can be seen unprofessional or, even worse, mistaken to be spam and/or scam. An easy solution is to automate the formats and avoid getting unnoticed on the feed.

It’s no surprise that appealing creatives drive performance and attract the right eyeballs. As the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, creative automation can be the solution for reducing time and costs while increasing the production of creatives.

Curious to learn more about the Image Templates tool?  Request a Demo here and start automating your creatives!


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