Short form video made easy with UGC

Smartly’s Creator Connect makes keeping up with video-first media platforms fast, easy and scalable by combining smart platform solutions and expert services. 

Expand your reach in digital channels with

Authentic video creative 

Elevate your social media presence and connect with Smartly's network of content creators for engaging UGC video assets

Streamlined creative production 

Continuously improve your performance by having even more relevant and various options to test and find the winning creatives

Actionable insights

Give Smartly your goals, and we give you tailored insights which help you plan better, smarter, stronger campaigns.

Creator Connect makes creating, editing, and activating UGC-driven short form video simple and seamless.

Authentic video creative driven by our creator network

Human-centered creativity is at the heart of Creator Connect, we work with trusted creator networks such as Insense, Vamp, and Sapphire to deliver quality assets. budget algorithms

Streamlined creative production using Smartly team and tools

Depending on chosen service level, customers have access to our creative editor and our video editors to ensure fast and easy delivery of customized templates. budget algorithms

Actionable insights and easier refreshes using our end to end workflow

“Living“ templates make it easy to test and optimize videos according to performance. Recurring packages reinforce focus on testing. 

Uber Freight leverages’s modular creative to drive performance

By using Smartly’s Modular Approach and Video Templates tool, Uber Freight produced 25 videos with a unique, targeted intro footage and value proposition, which helped them identify the most relevant ads for each of their audiences.





Deliveroo creates hundreds of weather-based creatives

Deliveroo used code-based weather overlays for Display activity and served an unified messages across Display and Meta. The channels used the same weather API and the weather video overlays produced were applied on hundreds of social ads.





DR SMILE creates 5,000 ads across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube for Black Friday

With the ability to automatically push out 5,000 ad creative variations across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube the team was able to overachieve its campaign goals.





ABOUT YOU drives 100% increase in ROAS with and TikTok Shopping Ads

ABOUT YOU saw a nearly 30% uplift in ROAS compared to the business-as-usual Catalog Sales campaigns. As a result, the ABOUT YOU team extended web campaign testing into the beta period while including additional markets.





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