FanDuel Teams up with to Drive Down CPIs on Snap by 16%



As a premier gaming destination in the United States, FanDuel allows consumers to engage with their favorite sports, teams and leagues across sports betting and daily fantasy sports. FanDuel has built a community of 8.5 million sports fans and gamers across 45 states. 

1 Challenge

Limited Bandwidth to Showcase Real-Time Betting Odds 

Game days provide a massive opportunity for FanDuel to tap into new audiences on Snapchat, as showcasing game-specific betting odds performs higher than evergreen creative. However, Snapchat's best practices recommend running creatives for 2-4 weeks to gather enough impressions on an ad, making it challenging to promote and measure time-sensitive campaigns. 

To avoid disrupting Snapchat's delivery algorithm, the FanDuel team needed an always-on approach to promote 12+ weekly games, each showcasing different teams and live odds, to reach their ambitious goals. However, this always-on approach was extremely manual, as each weekly game needed a new creative, which the team would manually add to ongoing campaigns.

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"With the help of's Managed Service team and the platform's Dynamic Image Templates, FanDuel can now deliver relevant, time-sensitive creatives to our Snapchat audiences in a way that wasn't possible through the native tool. This has led to a 21% decrease in our main goal: Cost per First Time Deposit."

Sherrie Hang, Senior Manager of Media & Demand Generation, FanDuel

2 Solution's Managed Services Team Leverages Proprietary Tech for Automation

FanDuel turned to, tapping into's market-leading automation platform, as well as’s social advertising experts on the Managed Services team.

By leveraging's market-leading platform, the process of showcasing each week's matchup has been fully automated and now occurs within one Snapchat Dynamic Ads campaign to ensure maximum deliverability and performance. 

Launching FanDuel's Snapchat Dynamic Ads campaign within supported the integration of their live betting odds feed to power creatives, whereas Snapchat's native tool is limited to integrating traditional shopping product catalogs. 

The Managed Service team then connected the feed to a Image Template to dynamically update the creative with game matches and accompanying odds each week. Liquid Markup (an easy-to-use template language used to make edits in a feed) provided further flexibility, as the team could update additional dynamic elements to the Image Template directly from the FanDuel's live betting odds feed, such as:

  • Adding a "+" or a "-'" to the odds depending on value 
  • Automatically adjust team name formatting 
  • Ensuring creatives only show games happening in a given week

3 Outcome


Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Streamlined Dynamic Ads

This new setup ensured FanDuel's Snapchat ads were the most relevant matches and real-time odds, with minimal manual work and creation costs. Now, new game-specific ads generate in minutes simply by updating the live betting odds feed. 

Within the first month of launching this Dynamic Ad campaign on Snapchat, FanDuel saw a 16% decrease in both Cost per Install and Cost per Registration, as well as a 21% decrease in Cost per First Time Deposit (FanDuel's number one KPI).



Decrease in Cost per Install


Decrease in Cost per Registration


Decrease in Cost per First Time Deposit
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