T-Mobile Drives Message Association with Personalized Creatives



Telco provider that offers mobile phone subscriptions and fixed internet at home. T-Mobile is part of Deutsche Telekom together with Tele2, Ben and Simpel.

1 Challenge

Creating Personalized Creatives at Scale from One Video

When taking a new brand video originally designed with TVC in mind, there is only “one shot” at getting it right. However, social advertising is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time; that is difficult to achieve with a single cut of a video.

T-Mobile needed to quickly and easily refresh and update their long running creatives originally created for TVC. They needed to address the consumer demands without increasing production costs and lead times when turnaround times were already stretched.

T-Mobile wanted to offer relevant offers to their audience while keeping in mind that in today’s busy online environment, the thumb is in charge and creativity is key to drive both brand and performance results. In addition, consumers are demanding and ad fatigue is real, and before they know it, marketers are penalized for not offering fresh creatives throughout the lengthy campaigns.

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“With Smartly.io’s Modular approach we’ve been able to create 100+ videos from one video, all in an automated fashion. In combination with Smartly’s creative optimization solutions we optimized towards the best performing videos and stayed highly relevant within a broad audience, bringing branding and performance and creative and media all together.”

Soumia El Allali, Senior Paid Media Consultant, iProspect

2 Solution

Smartly.io’s Modular Approach Combined with Creative Automation

T-Mobile partnered with iProspect and Smartly.io to tackle the challenge. With Smartly.io’s bespoke Modular Approach, T-Mobile was able to combine creative elements like video, images and copy to create hundreds of variations from one source video.

To begin with, iProspect’s creative team broke down the original TVC storyline into three different concepts. Then, they mixed and matched the storylines with intros and copy highlighting different motivations and Unique Selling Propositions. iProspect creative team also designed two video templates—for the Feed and for Stories—and then connected the creative input variations to the template, resulting in automated creation of 234 different ads.

Smartly.io’s Modular Approach and automated creative production enabled seamless collaboration between the media and creative teams, saving time and costs.

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“Smartly.io's Modular approach has changed the way we approach creative production as we have seen that a creative variety drove a higher message association than using one standard video. With the Modular approach we are able to connect with a broader audience for our brand campaigns and at the same time stay relevant by communicating via different creatives and USPs, without any extra cost.”

Joris Steenvoorden, Media Manager, T-Mobile

3 Outcome

Increased Brand Recognition and Sentiment

Producing social and mobile first creatives with Smartly.io resulted in 3x higher lift in Message Association and 0.6x higher lift in brand consideration compared to the business-as-usual TVC creative. In addition, having more creative variety resulted in double the lift in people adding products to cart versus using just the TVC asset.

T-Mobile continues to use Smartly.io’s creative tools to produce more social-first creatives. They will also implement a continuous creative testing plan to see what creative concepts and elements drive both brand and sales results.




3.1 pts

Lift in Message Association

vs. 1 pt lift in business-as-usual TVC

0.6 pts

Higher Lift in Brand Consideration

vs. business-as-usual TVC

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