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Deliveroo Uses Video & Display to Create Hundreds of Weather-Based Creatives


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ABOUT Deliveroo

Deliveroo was started in the UK as a food delivery company, and has since grown and expanded internationally. For many, it has become the go-to app for food delivery from local favorites, restaurants, and grocery stores.

1. Challenge

How can we serve relevant ads based on a weather forecast?

Being a trusted partner in the food-delivery industry, Deliveroo’s Paid Social team was interested in using weather-based creatives to elevate its grocery proposition. With the weather changing as frequently as consumer’s taste buds, the team knew that for the ads to be highly relevant it needed to deliver the right message at the right time.

For many advertisers, it’s a lengthy and time-consuming process to create dozens of personalized assets from scratch. However, Deliveroo and long time ad-tech platform, were able to strategize ways to streamline as much of the creative production and media management as possible, avoiding unnecessary manual work for the team.

"'s automation tools made it effortless to create highly relevant ads and take our grocery proposition to the next level. Using dynamic weather ads to showcase product selection across various locations allowed us to save time, resources, and helped us to exceed forecasted performance. Our account manager, Sky, has been a huge support."

Hujat Battashy | Paid Social Specialist, Deliveroo

2. Solution Video and Display Tools


The Deliveroo team began working with the creative automation tools of and its video and display tools to produce interchangeable weather creatives that deliver the most relevant experience to its consumers across both Meta and Display channels.

To do this, the team chose three most common forecasts; rainy, sunny, and cloudy, and created semi-transparent video overlays that mimicked the elements. These were layered over food shots that were relevant to each weather forecast.


Deliveroo was able to use these unique code-based weather overlays for Display activity and leveraged’s suite of automation tools to serve a unified message across Display and Meta. Both channels used the same weather API and the weather video overlays produced were seamlessly applied on hundreds of social ads.

In practice, Deliveroo could now suggest ordering a cup of soup from a grocery partner on a cold and rainy evening, or even a summer spritz for a sweltering hot day. With a robust strategy in place, Deliveroo and continued to produce highly relevant ads which exceeded its year-to-date benchmarks across Social and Display.

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