DR SMILE leverages Smartly.io to create 5,000 ads across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube for Black Friday



DR SMILE is one of the fastest-growing digital healthcare startups in Germany. With more than 250 locations across Europe, they specialize in cosmetic teeth straightening through innovative clear aligner technology and strive to be the first dentist chain you really love. With innovative 3D printing technologies, telemedicine capabilities, and a network of aspiring doctors, they create novel and contemporary solutions to provide high-quality dentistry. They aim at being the first real lifestyle brand within the dental market, a market that hasn’t received real disruption ever since its inception.

1 Problem

How can we streamline our creatives across countries, platforms, and languages?

Black Friday has traditionally been a big opportunity to increase sales for the team at DR SMILE, and this past holiday season was no different. The team had ambitious goals to meet and wanted to take over the Black Friday season in a big way. That approach included creating ad variations across eight different countries, eight different languages, and six different ad channels – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Display.

In addition to this, DR SMILE wanted to quickly iterate and adapt its messaging based on real-time feedback to ensure the team produced the most relevant and thumb-stopping ads. However, with four people on the team managing its social advertising campaigns, DR SMILE needed a trusted partner to help knock it out of the park for the Black Friday season.

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“Through Smartly we were able to scale our Black Friday production to impossible proportions. We achieved our most successful campaign to date all thanks to successful implementation of automated processes.”

Leah Bell - Campaign Manager, DR SMILE

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Smartly.io creative templates and automated ads

In teaming up with Smartly.io, DR SMILE enjoyed a very successful Black Friday holiday season. Before the campaign, the marketing team prepared the copy, assets, and templates that were going to be repurposed across their creatives. As a result, the team only needed to set up a feed that plugged into Smartly.io’s Automated Ads to automatically generate more than 5,000 unique ad creatives across channels, countries, and languages.

DR SMILE leveraged Smartly.io’s creative tools to create ads across its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Display ad channels. By being able to generate the ads all in one platform, this task saved the designers and agency countless manual hours and streamlined the communication between teams for any necessary revisions.

After DR SMILE launched the set of ads, it leveraged Smartly.io’s A/B testing tool in order to run real-time ad studies on its campaigns and creatives. During the study, the team was able to adjust ads quickly by exporting and rendering new creatives in Smartly.io to replace the old ones. This ultimately helped improve performance throughout the campaign. For example, the DR SMILE team found that adding something as minor as a minus sign in front of the discount price increased that ad’s conversion rate by 50%.

Overall, the campaign proved to be successful for the DR SMILE team. With the ability to automatically push out 5,000 ad creative variations across six different channels the team was able to overachieve its campaign goals.



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