Hawkers uses Collaborative Ads to grow sales on e-tail partner’s shop by 158%



Hawkers is a disruptive fashion brand known for their stylish sunglasses. Hawkers is based in Spain, but boasts global sales with an international crew of brave and fun sales representatives that live a life free of boredom.

1 Challenge

How to expand marketing to drive sales through partners in APAC

Hawkers does not have direct sales in APAC, and relies on their e-commerce partners to handle the marketing and sales of their products.

Expanding direct sales from their own channel to APAC would require a large upfront investment. Hawkers did not have direct control of the marketing efforts as they did not have sales in the region through their own e-commerce. This impeded them from effectively doing brand-building in the region.

2 Solution

Easy collaboration with partners on Smartly.io

Using Collaborative Ads, Hawkers was able to directly promote their own products that were available through their e-commerce partners.

With one of their e-tail partners, for example, a segment of Hawkers’ products from the partner catalog was first shared with Hawkers. Then, Hawkers set up campaigns under their own Facebook accounts using their own voice. Finally, Smartly.io helped set up co-branded Image Templates on the promoted product segment.

Collaborative Ads in Smartly.io benefits from smooth setup, cross-account reporting on all partners and markets, and optimizing across campaigns. Smartly.io makes expanding your brand's marketing reach easy, efficient and enjoyable.



Increase in sales of Hawkers products on a partner site


Month-over-month increase in Hawkers’ sales in APAC markets

3 Outcome

Expanding reach and building the brand image while optimizing sales through partners

Hawkers was able to run, manage and optimize their APAC marketing campaigns, while their partners handled the local sales. Collaborative Ads enabled Hawkers to optimize their sales, even when they happened on a partner platform.

Hawkers unlocked the ability to run ads in countries that previously had no marketing of their own. These campaigns were an investment into future growth markets and built brand image while increasing sales in the region.

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“It’s a great opportunity to be able to promote our products and offers available at our marketplace partners. We are able to apply our in-house knowledge of digital marketing and social media to drive more traffic and sales through essential e-commerce channels. Collaborative Ads enabled us to take control and it has been the perfect catalyst for us to grow faster in the competitive realm of marketplaces.”

Silvia Perez, Wholesale & Marketplaces Director, Hawkers Group

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