How to Respond Creatively to the Disrupted Market


Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a leading food delivery service platform operating worldwide. The Uber Eats app connects users with a broad range of local restaurants, allowing users to order from the full menus of their local favorites whenever they want.

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How to Successfully Adopt a New Creative Direction 

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the consumer behavior, the Uber Eats marketing team needed help adapting their messaging to rapidly react to the situation.

Uber Eats launched two responses to the pandemic:

  • $0 Delivery Fee to support local restaurants 
  • “Leave at door” - New no-contact delivery option

To drive the message that Uber Eats is here to help support the community, the company adopted a sincere and straightforward tone-of-voice and highlighted their pandemic responses. They needed to launch new creatives with localized copy for multiple markets, while showcasing the variety of restaurants that continued serving customers through Uber Eats.

Pivoting creative strategies with limited bandwidth

Pivoting creative strategies with limited bandwidth

Customizing messaging to address the pandemic

Customizing messaging to address the pandemic

Scaling ads to multiple markets and languages

Scaling ads to multiple markets and languages


Together with Smartly.io's Creative Studio team, Uber Eats was able to successfully adopt a new creative strategy and scale their Facebook advertising to five markets and three languages. 










2 Solution

New Global Creative Direction in Response to the Pandemic 

  • Uber Eats partnered with Smartly.io's Creative Studio who designed a new video concept and helped to scale it across markets and languages. 

The Smartly.io Creative Studio team helped Uber Eats to:

  • Create multiple variations of their “Leave at Door” and “$0 Delivery Fee” videos, with different end frames showcasing a variety of cuisine options to catch the user’s eye.
  • Created assets in both 9:16 and 1:1 formats for both Stories and Collection placements on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The Uber Eats team then used Smartly.io’s Video Templates tool to automatically create hundreds of videos with localized copy and changing food options.

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“Smartly.io seamlessly stepped in to support our in-house creative teams—who were inundated with COVID-19 creative updates—to produce top-quality assets on a very accelerated, aggressive timeline.”

Merry Morud, Marketing Manager, Performance Creative Optimization, Uber

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