Enhances Creative Production, Streamlines Workflows for Social Advertising

September 17, 2021

New Creative Editor paves way for unified creative, streamlined processes for advertisers., the leading social advertising automation platform for creative and performance marketers, today announced upgrades to its Creative Editor experience with unified workflows across creative formats. Already uniting design and performance teams into a single platform,’s Creative Editor now offers advertisers even more speed and power to iterate and scale creative productions in an agile way.

As brands continue to churn out ads at strategic moments, standing out among billions of pieces of content across several social platforms has become a challenge. Many creative teams lack the bandwidth to manually produce creative variations across markets, products, or business lines. Additionally, silos across teams and tools cause communication breakdowns and slow time-to-market.

As part of’s new Creative Editor experience, teams can more seamlessly scale their creative – across static images or video – and work together on the creative review and approval process to shorten cycles and speed up execution. Better communication and closer alignment will ultimately lead to faster results overall.

“Using is three times faster compared to building creative in After Effects,” said Dominic Chua, Motion Designer, Canva. “If I made the same ads in After Effects, it would take me a week or more.”

"We know creative is a differentiator in digital advertising – and time is of the essence when it comes to creative development. At, we want to give brands a competitive advantage, fostering an environment where workflows and communications work in harmony to drive results and reserve time for more strategic work,” said Kristo Ovaska, CEO and co-founder, "The enhancements to our Creative Editor speak to the importance of streamlined workflows, connectivity among collaborators, and using automation to pave the path for future innovation."’s new and improved Creative Editor scales creative production with minimal work with:

  • Modular Image and Video: Create a single template with modular elements to scale and test creative variations across messaging, products, languages, and more
  • Image and Video Template Resizing: Automatically apply designs across any size to easily repurpose across social platforms or placements
  • Image to Video Template Conversion: Quickly turn any image template into a video by adding motion, sound, and animation
  • Image and Video Export: Build your creatives in one place and easily export to reuse across any channel
  • Seamless Campaign Execution: Connect a creative template to any campaign to instantly publish and dynamically update ads across social platforms in real-time

Enhanced capabilities that streamline collaboration and creative review cycles include:

  • Enhanced Preview Page: Bulk rename, save to Folders, or download multiple creative variations at once to save time during the creative production process. Designers can share creatives with public links to keep all key stakeholders in the loop. Additional features allow designers to quickly add social platform-specific overlays (such as a Snapchat or Instagram story) on creative designs to ensure live ads look their best.
  • In-Platform Collaboration Tools: Avoid jumping between tools and quickly review, suggest, and approve creative assets in one view. In-platform commenting ensures designers and other relevant teams communicate in real-time to speed up the creative production process. 

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