Expands Global Creator Connect Ecosystem with Three Leading Influencer Marketing Platform Partners

June 14, 2023

Additions further empower brands and advertisers to scale authentic, user-generated content across TikTok, Meta, Snap, Inc., and more.

[NEW YORK, JUNE, 13, 2023] -, one of the world’s largest SaaS digital advertising platforms, today announced the expansion of its global Creator Connect partner network with Insense, Sapphire Studios, and Vamp. Creator Connect,'s one-stop solution for seamless user-generated content (UGC) creative, offers a unified path forward for brands and advertisers to elevate their social media presence with authentic, UGC advertising at scale. 

"Our goal is to unlock even more value for our customers through strategic partnerships," said Oli Marlow-Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer at "By integrating some of the world's leading influencer marketing platforms with the partner ecosystem, we're making it easier for brands to find creators to collaborate with and produce winning content, while reaching the right audience on the right platforms. The creator economy is massive, and so is the opportunity for brands to tap into it as part of their strategy. When you combine this with the right approach for scaling UGC and short-form videos, along with tools to optimize wherever your audience is scrolling, the results are quite powerful."

In 2022, nearly 75% of U.S. marketers used creator content as part of their marketing mix to drive engagement, brand awareness and sales.  The expansion of the Creator Connect ecosystem with Insense, Sapphire Studios, and Vamp enhances’s position as a gateway partner for leading influencer marketing platforms and provides brands with a comprehensive creative development network to create, scale and optimize short-form video and UGC content on TikTok, Meta, Snap, Inc., and other platforms. 

“Creator Connect helped us to achieve a type of scale on TikTok that we had not experienced before. The ability to easily source, edit and deploy our UGC-assets was key to the performance of our campaign, highlighting the growing importance of user-generated content as an integral part of our brand strategy,”  Eliott Lamaury, Head of Display at Vestiaire Collective.

"We learned so much from the creative testing with Smartly – and it’s given us insight into what our customers actually want to see from our brand when we launch a new product,” said Marie O’Donovan, Performance Marketing at Huel. “The results were outstanding, with the top-performing creative driving a 40% lower CPA than the product benchmark. Our collaboration with Smartly and Insense has really empowered us to continue testing new products, creators, and strategies based on the valuable insights we gained."

"At Insense, we've always believed in the power of user-generated content. Partnering with allows us to take this belief to the next level. Together, we're offering a solution that seamlessly integrates content creation with ad management, providing brands with a more efficient and effective way to reach their customers. This partnership is about creating value for our customers and reshaping the future of digital advertising." said Danil Saliukov, CEO & Founder.

“As one of the most popular creator studios in TikTok’s ecosystem, we recognize the immense value that user-generated content can bring to brands looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level,” said Thomas Ma, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Sapphire Studios. “By joining forces with, we’re now able to offer our clients an unparalleled opportunity to access the full potential of user-generated content, foster genuine connections and amplify their brand's reach like never before.” 

"We couldn't be more excited about our new partnership with Our ambitions and company purposes align perfectly, and we believe this joint venture will not only lead to great results for marketers across the globe, but also help Vamp take steps toward achieving our company’s mission of creating the industry we want to see,” said Aaron Brooks, Co-Founder and President, Vamp.

To learn more about and Creator Connect, visit our website.

About Insense

Insense is a platform that streamlines the production of creator ads for business growth. Creators in our marketplace can deliver a diverse range of assets from just UGC content and organic posting, to creator ads. Insense and have joined forces to offer a powerful solution that combines the best of content creation and advertising management. This partnership brings together Insense's expertise in producing high-quality user-generated content and's advanced advertising management platform.

About Sapphire Studios

Sapphire creates high-performing custom UGC (User-Generated Content) for brands that want to scale with TikTok. The studio leverages its learnings across thousands of campaigns to create content that is meant to generate conversions such as sales for their clients. By carefully following the latest social media trends, content generated by Sapphire's team can help clients find success across a number of social platforms.

About Vamp

Vamp is an award-winning influencer marketing platform. We connect global brands like Adobe, Estée Lauder, GAP, Nestlé and Volkswagen to a vetted community of 40,000+ creators, to drive brand awareness, consumer engagement and purchase consideration through social platforms. As a Meta Marketing Partner, TikTok Creative Marketing Partner, and YouTube Creative Partner, Vamp provides brands with an omni-channel, always-on solution to managing the entire lifecycle of their creator collaborations. Founded in Australia in 2015, Vamp has run influencer marketing campaigns in 65+ countries through a global footprint of offices in key markets. Learn more at

About is the leading platform for creative and performance advertisers to automate and scale their social advertising. With over $10 billion in annual ad spend, helps some of the world's largest brands and agencies drive greater performance and efficiency in their online advertising.'s technology combines creative automation, ad operations, and outstanding customer service to help businesses maximize their results. Learn more at

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