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April 20, 2020
MIN READ advances its Pinterest solution, enabling brands to innovate and diversify their marketing mix across social channels., the leading social advertising automation platform for creative and performance marketers, today announced new innovative capabilities to its Pinterest solution. In close partnership with Pinterest, advanced its offering on the platform to enable brands to innovate and connect with customers in entirely new ways.

Pinterest is increasingly becoming an attractive platform for advertisers, and with solutions such as Shopping Ads, Pinterest continues to evolve its ad offerings and expand its capabilities to move down the funnel.

Along with creative automation tools that enable brands to produce creative at scale, sleek campaign management and customized reporting capabilities, is now bringing its Automated Ads solution offered for other online channels to Pinterest. has been working with some of the largest and most advanced retail and CPG brands to target customers with customized offers to drive bottom-funnel metrics, such as online checkouts and bookings. This innovation is now available to a wider set of advertisers, including direct-to-consumer, travel, grocery and more. Brands are empowered to easily run hyper-targeted and localized campaigns on Pinterest that dynamically showcase real-time pricing, localized offers, flash promos, copy variations and even weather-based promos to consumers.

“Smart marketers are those who test, adapt and move quickly -- and while most marketing teams are eager to try new channels -- they often lack the time, creative resources or best-practice knowledge,” said Tuomo Riekki, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, “Pinterest is a prime example of a channel that continues to evolve and outpace brand expectations. Our new solution helps them get there -- simplifying the process to run ads by letting brands leverage their assets used on Facebook and Instagram on Pinterest, all while reducing manual work with automation.”

With high buyer intent on Pinterest,’s solution now makes it easy for marketing teams to get started on this channel and scale their campaigns with:

  • Creative Templates to produce customized creatives and promote multiple products or offers in one Pin, while adhering to brand guidelines
  • Automation tools that remove much of the manual work required with managing Pinterest campaigns with bulk uploading and editing functionality
  • Granular reporting so brands can see all campaign performance in one view, and pinpoint which ads and products drive the best performance
  • Cross-channel capabilities enabling brands to leverage their existing assets from campaigns run on other channels, via a cross-channel asset library

"Pinterest is a natural platform for us to be on; consumers are seeking to discover new brands there and it’s a very visual channel in general,” said Aubrie Richey, VP of Customer Acquisition & Media, TechStyle Fashion Group. “We’ve worked with previously on Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and they've now provided the path to unlocking incremental reach on Pinterest."

With, brands across industries – from grocery and direct-to-consumer to travel and apps – can now not only get started with Pinterest advertising, but begin innovating and testing different tactics to engage with consumers. Ultimately, embracing Pinterest as a performance channel, marketers across verticals can plug in any of their data sources or APIs to deliver more customized promotions.

Learn more about’s approach to Pinterest social advertising and read our Pinterest eBook.


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