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Align media and creative teams

Brand's creative process of briefing, collaboration, and feedback are happening in multiple places, with many stakeholders. The misalignment between both media and creative team is often resulting in a loss of creative resonance and brand image/value diminishing.

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90% of enterprise marketers believe their creative and media teams are not well aligned.


38% of marketers reported that their workload has doubled or more since last year.

Unify your workflow and foster strategic collaboration between teams to ensure brand governance, creative quality, and addressability through the campaign activation process

All in single platform

Align creative development with strategic campaign objectives, build your brief including brand guidelines, logo, and assets directly into the platform for your team to work on together.

Multichannel platform

Review the initial storyboard and determine your fix and flex elements together to optimize your multi-channel scalability before media activation.

collaborate with teams

Review, comment, edit and approve all your creative, formats, and variations in one view. Break down siloed teams, remain agile, and stay relevant across the entire customer journey to scale your creative quickly and meet demand.

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Cross-Channel Planning and Execution

We can manage your cross-channel campaigns end-to-end to reach your business goals, so you don't have to scale your headcount. We build out a strategy, streamline operations and automate processes with Smartly's proprietary AI technology.

Efficient and scalable set up

Put tech roadblocks behind you. Our team integrates your data sources to optimize and measure campaigns while streamlining your product feeds. We set up your campaigns in accordance with best practices for future in-house success.

Optimized advertising performance

We integrate third-party sources to measure against your most important data and help you uncover actionable insights with customzed reporting. Our team ensures you meet your business goals with regular performance reviews, audits and best practice.

Case Studies

StubHub partners with Smartly to drive higher brand lift and conversions through full-funnel strategy


Smartly’s Managed Services team helps Uber Eats increase ROAS 30% by revamping paid aocial strategy


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