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Reel in Success this Holiday Season

August 29, 2022
Lina Hagström

The holiday shopping season in the past few years has flattened, meaning there’s a longer period of shopping with less notable peaks in demand. Shoppers are likely to start considering gift purchases much earlier in the season. With summer coming to an end, now is the time to garner consumers’ attention. Here’s our recommendation on utilizing Creator Content this year for maximum advertising impact that’s sure to “wow” your audience.

Brands Should be Investing in Creator Content

Only 22% of consumers believe brands do a good job delivering digital experiences, which means the opportunity to win this holiday season is larger than ever.

Creator content is the way to take advantage of that opportunity. As it becomes increasingly important amongst brands trying to connect with their audiences on a deeper level, they must incorporate Video Content into their holiday campaign strategies.

What’s the difference between Creator Content and Brand-created Content?

Creator content looks like content that audiences consume across social platforms and therefore feels more authentic. Creator content leverages the authenticity of humans producing entertaining or educational content that is expressed across social platforms. 93% of marketers say that consumers trust Creator content more than content created by brands.

Creator content
  • Can be made casually and straight from your mobile phone
  • Feels authentic and informal
  • Looks native to the platform, like something your friends or family might post
  • May involve native elements such as stickers, Reels text styles, and AR effects
Brand-generated Content
  • Is professionally produced and involves a higher investment in equipment
  • Feels higher quality and formal
  • Looks more like a traditional ad or commercial you might see
  • May involve additional graphic design and animation treatment to add a branded element

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