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$1000 (5.00%)

Our fee is a fixed percentage of your Facebook spend. We don't buy the media for you, so the fee is always directly linked to the amount spent in your campaigns. The minimum monthly fee is $1000, regardless of the amount spent. See more details in our Terms of Service.

Monthly spend range Monthly fee
Less than $20,000 $1000
$20,001 - $100,000 5.00%
$100,001 - $200,000 4.50%
$200,001 - $350,000 4.00%
$350,001 - $500,000 3.50%
More than $500,000 3.00%

What's included

It's not just the tool

Best support included

Our fantastic 24/5 customer support will respond and fix your issues in minutes rather than days, no matter whether it's a technical or business issue. We're online 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Learn more

On-going education

Your Smartly.io Account Manager will give you optimization tips on taking your ad performance to the next level.

Newest Facebook features available

We’re always working hard to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to launch new Facebook products. Learn more

No long-term commitments

Pay for what you actually use. We always offer a 14-day free trial and no minimum contract period.

Managed Service

Are you looking to outsource Facebook advertising completely or planning to take it in-house? We offer both full managed service as well as managed onboarding. Contact our sales to learn more about these options.


Managed onboarding

We offer a very low-risk way of taking your advertising operation in-house, as we have no hidden agenda. On the contrary, our goal is to allow your team to learn as much as is required to run an efficient campaign management operation on Facebook and Instagram. We will provide our best knowledge about automation and optimization to enable you to run an efficient, streamlined operation at scale.

Full managed service

We offer managed service using the Smartly.io platform for selected customers. This service is built on top of our expertise on scaling and optimizing a Facebook advertising operation. We are extremely committed to supporting our customers in achieving their goals and we will do our best to provide maximum transparency and a strong proactive approach to improve results on Facebook & Instagram.

Our fee is a percentage of your Facebook spend with a minimum monthly fee. Leave a demo request and get in touch to learn more!
See more details in our Terms of Service.