Smartly Creative

Flexible Platform to Design Creative Across Channels

Easy-to-use platform allows you to create thousands of customized, personalized and optimized ad creative for social, display and video in minutes.

Trusted by over 700 brands worldwide

One Platform, Multiple Destinations

Social Media

Smartly enables marketers to design once for all platforms supporting Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Quickly build static and short form video with ease across multiple channels, saving you countless hours and delivering results.

Google: Display, Video and More

As the number one certified creative global partner of Google Advertising Technology, Smartly gives you access to additional optimizations and reporting that delivers a richer experience across Google. Smartly enhances creative on display and video on CM360/DV360, Demand Generation, PMax and App Campaigns.


Stop the Scroll with Engaging Creative

Our single creative platform gives you the power to instantly build static or dynamic design and copy for social media channels and Google that is personalized at scale.

All of your creative needs in one platform that lets you instantly build creatives for social media channels or Google that is personalized at scale with static or dynamic creative and copy.

Image and Video Templates

build creative in seconds with Smartly’s modular images, template resizing, bulk layer edits in one template.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

leverage next generation optimizations to create thousands of ad permutations for promoting your product or services at scale using multiple feeds including images, prices and descriptions in one ad unit.

Dynamic Copy Creation

easily create localized ads in different languages or dialects manually or using our proprietary Gen AI to ensure your ads are relevant.

Gen AI Created Backgrounds

instantly update backgrounds at scale with Smartly’s powerful AI.

Unified Workflow

Centralize briefs, feedback, assets and approvals into a single place, connecting creative and media teams.

Smartly Success Story: HelloFresh

"Implementing Smartly for our Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns campaigns led to a 9% lower CPA. By using the image templates compared to the business as usual process, we also saw 80% time savings. As a result, we can spend more time now on strategy, testing and learning"

Emiri Dandoy

Team Lead

Personalize your ads at scale

Our platform uses creative concepts that contain fixed and flexible elements. Leverage AI to expand one set of creatives into hundreds of on-brand formats and messages.

Understand which creative assets work best

We take the subjectivity out of that equation with algorithms that score your creative in all channels for memorability, best practice and more. Then our AI engine helps you optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Leverage data sources to create highly relevant and timely creative

Align your creative and media via integrations with the largest media platforms

Streamline creative and campaign workflow across teams

With Smartly Creative, creative briefs, statuses, comments, feedback and sign-offs on ads happen in one workspace. Enabling you to work cross functionally or between agency and brand.

Case Studies

Samsung increases ROAS 173% with data-driven creatives

Deliveroo uses Smartly Video & Display to create hundreds of weather-based creatives

Weather-Based Creative for McDonald's

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