Engage your consumer with agile, relevant creative — wherever they spend time

Automate your creative production and offer personalized experiences that engage your target audience and drive your business.

Engage multiplatform consumers
Smartly.io multiplatform advertising

As targeting becomes less effective, creative becomes more important

70% of campaign performance relies on creative quality, relevancy, and personalization yet creative is still overlooked.

Attract the consumer with highly personalized ads at scale – aligning media and creative in one place.

Govern, scale and collaborate on your creative with automation tools for cross-market and cross-platform activations – speeding up production.

Leverage custom AI-driven insights to uncover key performance drivers, Use ad-fatigue as a lever to predict when to update a campaign.

Drive performance and take immediate action by visualising performance of creatives and creative elements, and uncovering actionable insights.

Stop the Scroll
with Engaging Creative

Apply brand assets and guidelines to create image and video templates. Connect your data source to the templates and create thousands of personalized ads across channels  to drive engagement and ROI.

Platform to scale ad creative

Scale your creative production

With dynamic Image and Video Templates you can scale your creatives to different sizes and placements across platforms.

Dynamic content to personalize ads

Use dynamic content to deliver highly relevant, timely content

Connect a data source to Smartly to dictate what is shown in your live creative assets.

Co-operate with teams in Smartly.io

Streamline creative and campaign workflow across teams

Centralize briefs, feedback, assets and approvals into a single place.

Case Studies

Under Armour achieved improved performance and a higher ROI with Image Templates


Uber Freight cut CPA by 43% and boosted CTR by 108% with Modular Video approach


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