Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Smartly

Smartly is a multinational and diverse team of 650+ Smartlies from 60+ nationalities, working in 13 countries. Together, we want to create and maintain an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and heard. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an evergreen objective for Smartly, and we strive to always improve.

100% Commitment to DE&I Through Chosen Initiatives

We have many initiatives and programs to support our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. These include, among other, a process for inclusive recruitment, partnerships with organizations serving underrepresented groups, and anonymous employee surveys, as well as employee resource groups.

Celebrating our differences and maximizing learning from them builds trust and enhances creativity and innovation. Ultimately, success is achieved when teams are genuinely diverse in experiences, backgrounds, and thoughts.

Initiatives And Goals

1% of Our Profits, Time and Product Is Dedicated to Social Impact

In 2020, we adopted a 1-1-1 model for social impact, which means we dedicate 1% of our profits to philanthropy, 1% of our time to volunteering, and 1% of our product through pro bono initiatives.

We primarily focus on three social impact initiatives: Women & Girls, Education, and the Environment. In these focus areas, we carry out donation matching and engage in wider social initiatives.

Measuring DE&I

DE&I metrics we follow internally:

  • Number of nationalities
  • Gender diversity: overall, people managers (non-leadership), leadership, Board of Directors, non-technical roles vs. technical roles
  • Age diversity

DE&I metrics we follow internally:

  • Annual DE&I Survey to accurately measure where we currently stand and where we need to go.
  • We regularly include DE&I-themed questions to our People Pulse surveys.
  • We carried out a global pay equity analysis, and the results ensured no significant pay differences between genders (including at the leadership team level.) This analysis reviewed both base salary and equity offers.

Recruiting And Talent Acquisition

How does DE&I show in our recruiting and talent acquisition?

Talent Acquisition has a key role in ensuring that we have a diverse and inclusive team, together with an inclusive and fair hiring process. We know success cannot be achieved without teams that contain true diversity in experiences, backgrounds, and thought. We strive to celebrate and maximize learning from our differences. As a result we build trust, experience enhanced creativity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of cultures.

The key actions in Talent Acquisition are our Diverse Slate Approach, a running team-level goals aiming to increase diversity at every level of organization, setting up Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the US, as well as our commitment to providing reasonable accommodation.

#GirlsTakeover – Inspiring Future Women Leaders in Tech

Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and heard is at the core of Smartly's culture. To help cultivate inclusive environments, one of Smartly's social responsibility commitments is to support women
and girls.

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Creating and maintaining an inclusive and safe environment where everyone feels respected, authentic, and heard is important not only for employee engagement, but also for collaboration, innovation and creativity.