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Creative Intelligence by tags millions of elements across past ads to identify your unique performance drivers and deliver better, smarter insights that remove the guesswork from your creative process to unlock your reach.

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Invest in data-driven creative with Creative Intelligence to drive incremental conversion and sales, and increase your reach to turn more people into potential customers.

Increase ROAS, Decrease CPA, And Tackle Ad Fatigue

Tackle Ad Fatigue
Leverage bespoke creative insights to surface winning ad features such as value propositions, background styles, and model actions.

Identify Performance Drivers
See what angle and presence of a model’s face would perform best and shoot accordingly. .


Increase in ROAS after highlighting which retail brand’s model to use during a photoshoot


Average decrease in team’s CPA by determining what micro-creative iterations would make the most impact


Increase in leads after using insights to reduce ad fatigue, leading to increased interest and engagement

Why use Creative Intelligence?

Creative Planning Strategy

Transform your creative process by embedding data in every step of your workflow

Become proactive rather than reactive by testing, learning, and iterating based on what’s working, and develop successful creative planning to build total confidence in your data-driven, high-performing creative.

  • Sit down with a creative expert to identify influential creative element to tag and report on
  • Get insight reports tailored to your use cases
  • Become proactive rather than reactive with successful creative workflow & planning

Bespoke Creative Insights

Identify your top performance drivers based on historical data for upcoming campaigns

Compile insights from thousands of ads that your brand has run to surface themes and trends from historical ad library, understand which creative you should refresh to reduce ad fatigue, and apply your creative learnings to future briefs, refreshes, reports and more.

  • ​​Surface high-performing creative themes from thousands of ads that your brand has run
  • Tailor insights to specific audiences, timeframes, products, sales, etc.
  • Apply your creative learnings to future briefs, refreshes, reports and more

Tailored Live Ads Recommendations

Take action to improve your live ads, guided by AI

Get tailored custom AI-generated recommendations on live ads to boost your campaigns, plug in detailed nuances like timeframe and audience to improve your creative on the fly, and review influence scores to understand what elements will make the most impact on an individual ad to better test new concepts.

  • Get actionable iteration recommendations, tailored to each of your live ads taking into consideration account nuances like timeframe, audience, and more
  • Make micro-iterations based on these recommendations to improve performance of your live creative
  • Understand which elements currently drive performance within your ads with the influence scores.

“ is clearly the industry leader in the AI-driven creative optimization space. It's easy to use, powerful, and highly customized.”

Aubrie Richey, VP Customer Acquisition & Media at TechStyle Fashion Group

“ is one of the highest-potential creative intelligence products that I've seen.”

Benjamin Snyers, Managing Director & Head of Social at Ogilvy USA

“It's remarkable to see the double-digit improvements in CPA by strategically iterating over our ads with Creative Intelligence by, with clear reasons as to why we're doing them.”

Mark Spera, Head of Growth Marketing at Minted and Founder of GrowthMarketingPro

“The platform is easy to use, intuitive and powerful when it comes to pulling insights and intelligence to power our creative briefs.”

Savannah Burkett, Growth Marketing Manager at Minted

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