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Smartly.io Unlocks Growth on Facebook and Instagram by Unifying Creative, Media, and Data Into a Smarter Advertising Cloud.


Produce on-brand Facebook and Instagram ads at scale

Easily capture your audience’s attention with our market-leading dynamic creative templates to  deliver on-brand, seasonably relevant ads, no matter the placement. Smartly.io’s creative toolkit empowers effective testing revealing which creatives, concepts, and elements drive the highest engagement.


Automatically target audiences with customized ad variations

Instantly generate thousands of ads using any data source to dynamically showcase prices, discounts, store locations, availability, weather, and more. Deliver relevant, personalized Facebook and Instagram ads that resonate with your audience and prompt action.


Ditch the manual processes and manage  campaigns seamlessly

Reduce time spent on campaign management with fully automated campaign creation, naming macros, and more. Use your business data to create even the most complex campaigns automatically — no manual work needed. Ads and campaigns update in real-time when your data changes.


Leverage AI-powered optimization to hit performance goals

Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization plus Smartly.io’s Predictive Budget Allocation is a  powerful budget optimization duo. Maximize results by allocating budget across ad sets and campaigns using first- and third-party data. Smartly.io helps you autoscale budgets that drive high-performing campaigns.


Identify, and do more of, what moves the needle

Leverage flexible reporting to see your data — across Facebook and/or Instagram accounts — in one view and save hours of jumping between platforms. With third-party integrations and custom metrics, you can measure the data that matter most and rapidly generate insights to make real-time decisions.

"The use of Smartly.io's automation dramatically improved our workflow, and has allowed us to scale this campaign to manage hundreds of ads per month with great results and whenever we had questions, the Smartly.io team was there to support us.”

Anton Vanhatalo van Rijn, Head of Performance Marketing, C More

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