Mastering Snap in 2023: Performance Boosts, Streamlined Strategies, and Creative Excellence

October 5th, 2023 | 10 am ET

Harnessing New Features, Optimized Workflows, and Proven Success Stories with Smartly.io Integration.

Join digital advertising experts from Smartly.io to get a glimpse into the next era of effective Snap ads. For brands looking to sharpen their creative outputs or agencies seeking new platform best practices and tools, this webinar will share insights and helpful methods to evolve your Snap advertising strategies.

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Alfie Villanueva Brandt
Senior Manager, Revenue Partnerships
Eric Martin
Sr Director, Platform Partnerships


Snap's 2023 Evolution: Explore Snap's performance boost and product revamp. Uncover shifts shaping advertising on the platform.

Simplified Workflow: Stay ahead with seamless Snap ecosystem integration. Discover tools for faster campaign activation.

Expanding Reach with Snap: Tap into Snap's incremental audiences. Target niche segments effectively.

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  • Understand Snap's 2023 changes and their benefits to advertisers.
  • Master streamlined workflows for efficient campaign setup.
  • Harness exclusive Snap audience segments for personalized campaigns.
  • Maximize incremental reach and boost brand visibility.
  • Learn to activate campaigns swiftly, saving time and resources.
  • Gain Smartly's best practices for staying ahead in digital advertising.

Save your seat!