Supercharge your demand with Google’s AI-driven Demand Gen campaigns on Smartly.io

February 21, 2024 | 10:00 am EST

Join our webinar and learn about how to use Google’s new AI-driven campaign type. Scale across Google’s most visual, entertainment-focused touchpoints — YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover and Gmail with the power of Smartly.io.


1. What is Google Demand Gen?

Learn about Google’s new campaign type and how it can help you engage new customers and drive results.

2. Smartly.io for Google Demand Gen

Dive into the Smartly.io tools that will help you scale and find success with Google Demand Gen campaigns.

3. Google Demand Gen Demo

Our team will walk you through setting up and launching new Google Demand Gen campaigns on Smartly.io, helping you get started faster.

4. Google Demand Gen Best Practices

Get inspired by real-world success stories and discover how to leverage Smartly.io and Google Demand Gen to achieve remarkable results.

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Michael Kim
Director of Platform Partnerships, Smartly
Nicolo Perazzolo
Customer Success Lead
Andres Diaz
Account Executive, Social Enablement Team - Google
Bryan Kolpacke
Account Manager, Social Enablement Team - Google

What you will learn:

  • Driving Results: Find out the best ways to leverage Google’s Demand Gen campaigns to drive conversion and consideration goals.
  • Getting Started: Learn how to set up and launch campaigns for Google Demand Gen on Smartly.io.
  • Building Better Creative: Get tips on creating immersive, relevant creatives that resonate with Demand Gen audiences.

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