A Facebook Advertiser's Pocket Guide to Pixels: Bidding, Targeting and Tracking

Lina Hagström Sep 2, 2019 2:06:39 AM

Facebook advertisers, have you run into any of the below issues with your campaigns?

  • Optimizing towards a certain event doesn't work, i.e. when there are no conversions despite placing bids for website events such as purchase
  • Your ads' performance is incorrectly tracked
  • Your retargeting audience isn't populating

The culprit could be that way your Facebook pixels are set up with your ad sets, ads, audience or catalogs. We cut through the jargon to help you better understand the relationship between pixels and different objects to debug issues in your Facebook campaigns.  


  • Understand how pixel events are tracked as conversions 
  • Learn how pixel events and catalogs work
  • Targeting audiences with pixels 
  • How to set up ad tracking

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