Bonava - Localized Ads for Real Estate with Automated Ads

Bonava is a leading residential development company in Northern Europe. Bonava has beencreating homes and neighborhoods since the 1930s.

1 Challenge

Localized & Automatically Updated Real Estate Listings

Bonava had been advertising their available real estates in Facebook & Instagram with localized ads. Customizing the message and targeting for each location drove results, yet it was challenging to keep the content updated at all times because of high number of different sites and frequently updating real estate information.

2 Solution

Fully Automated Targeting & Ad Creation

Bonava automated both targeting and ad creation using the Automated Ads. It is a feed-based advertising solution that updates campaigns based on data in any feed available online. The feed can be as simple as a Google spreadsheet, which was used in this case as well.  Bonava’s Performance Marketing Agency, iProspect, used this solution to create Carousel, Slideshow and Lead ads automatically. Budgets, targeting, ad creative and copy were pulled from the feed to tweak campaigns in real-time.

Tactic - Week 37-39 - Lead ads - Alueellinen - Smartly 2018-12-13 15-16-43


3 Results

50% time saved in campaign creation and management

”The feed and Automated Ads have made it possible for our client to run continuous, localized and fresh advertising for their dozens of destinations. The time saved in manual work can be reallocated to strategic experiments with new technologies offers.”- Lassi Laukkarinen / iProspect


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Time Saved

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