Alameda Decreases Cost-per-Cart by Automating Video Creatives

The Mexican e-commerce Alameda was losing the fight against creative fatigue. They needed a solution that would help create a high volume of video ads. Alameda automated video production with’s Video Templates for a 50% decrease in Cost of Cart and a 100% increase in CTR.

1 Challenge

How to Increase Awareness with Video Ads

Alameda, the Mexican furniture e-commerce company wanted to increase its brand awareness as the company was planning to expand its services from e-commerce to retail throughout Mexico.

They were struggling with the performance of their monthly special offers in certain regions. In addition, their upper funnel campaigns yielded a low number of costly conversions. At the same time, Alameda’s team was fighting creative fatigue with video ads but struggled to produce high-quality videos at scale.

They were looking to automate and optimize their monthly offers. However, it proved to be challenging to create ads at scale and optimize them for each month.


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2 Solution

Seasonal Video Templates at Scale

Alameda created seasonal templates by using’s Video Templates solution. The creative team designed three different templates based on upcoming occasions (Christmas, New Year, and a generic holiday template) in two days.

Before partnering with,  it took almost two weeks to produce a single video ad. With Video Templates, the team was able to create 30 videos at once.

Furthermore, the team created Automated Ads campaigns that allowed them to quickly filter the products that were on sale for each season. Instead of creating different campaigns, they used’s Ad Rotation feature that automatically rotated the products and paused the under-performing ads.

Lastly, Alameda optimized their budgets and used’s Predictive Budget Allocation tool that efficiently distributes the budget throughout their prospecting campaigns. The tool allowed them to have a general pool that assigns resources cross-campaigns based on the optimized event.

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3 Results

An impressive 100% Increase in CTR

After creating an Automated Ads campaign with rotating videos of the monthly promotions, Alameda was able to decrease the cost-per-add-to-cart by 50%.’s Video Templates allowed them to produce high volumes of video ads, which saved them hours of manual work and resulted in a 100% increase in CTR for the month of December.


“ never stops to amaze us - we decided to try Video Templates for prospecting campaigns with the intention of improving our CTR. We were impressed that Cost-per-Add-to-Cart dropped by 50%. We're always open to hear more about’s new features as they help us to improve performance continuously.”

Andres Baez, Regional Paid Media Campaign, Strategist LATAM



Lower Cost-per-Add-to-Cart


Increase in CTR

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