Aromatics Grows Revenue from Advertising by 169%

Aromatics International is a leader in the essential oils industry. They partnered with accredited eBoost agency to drive outstanding results.

1 Challenge

Advertising Efficiently with a Large Product Catalog and High Purchase Volumes 

After testing Facebook Advertising internally and seeing the potential of the channel, Aromatics realized they needed a technology and advertising partner to help them maximize results. Their large product catalog and high purchase volume were a perfect match for the Agency Partner program as they were looking for someone to manage their advertising. The goal of the cooperation was to expand Aromatics’ customer base and grow website revenue at a profitable Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

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2 Solution

Video and Image Templates Deliver Timely Ads at Each Funnel Stage

eBoost Consulting conducted a customer audit of Aromatics’ Facebook ad account to determine what was working, what needed improvement and what opportunities were being missed. This kickstarted a process of implementing a full marketing funnel solution at each stage of the consumer journey powered by the platform:

  • Awareness: The goal was to introduce potential customers to the world of essential oils. These ads included Facebook Live videos educating users how to use essential oils, recipes for all-natural cleaning products, and more. eBoost used Aromatics’ large catalog of essential oil recipes and’s automated video templates to pull recipes from the website into video ads without requiring the extensive manual work and logistical challenges this would take using Facebook’s native tools.

  • Consideration: The goal at this stage was to have prospects click to the website and view a product page. eBoost used’s Automated Ads functionality to serve highly relevant creatives featuring discounts on the oils introduced to customers in the Awareness stage.

  • Conversion: Once users viewed a product on the website, eBoost applied dynamic retargeting ads and image templates to deliver customized and timely ads. These ads were split by new versus returning customers to make sure budget was primarily allocated to new customers, which was the primary goal of the ad campaign.

  • Re-Engagement: eBoost kept past customers engaged post-purchase with VIP discounts and announcing new product offerings. These ads used pixel-based audiences to ensure they were served at the right time and only served to each user for a limited time period in order to prevent over-delivery or ad fatigue.


3 Results

Aromatics Doubles ROAS, Revenue from Advertising up by 169%

eBoost launched campaign optimization based on the data coming in and steadily grew ad spend and profitability. In the 5 months after going live, Aromatics increased monthly ad spend by 33% while simultaneously growing revenue from advertising by 169% and doubling ROAS from 643% to 1304%. They estimated 57% of the revenue came from new customers.

“eBoost is proactive and innovative, always finding solutions and using the latest technology. Their work has helped bring in new customers and increase sales volume." Jaren Williams, President, Aromatics

eBoost is a certified Agency Partner - find out more about our Agency Partner Program here.


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