BetEasy Wins Over Sports Fans With Personalized Video Ads

With’s Video Templates and Automated Ads, the Australian corporate bookmaker deploys personalized Facebook and Instagram ads for each game, while eliminating manual processes.

1 Challenge

Catering Real-Time Ads for All 45 Matches

BetEasy is a leading Australian corporate bookmaker offering online sports and racing betting platforms. As the company looks to continue its growth in Australia, its marketing team was challenged to scale its social media advertising to reach more sports fans in a personalized and effective way. The Cricket World Cup presented an opportunity to do just this — a tournament which occurs just once every four years. BetEasy capitalized on the 2019 event held in England by evaluating its approach for developing and deploying its social media ads.

Unlike previous Cups, all participating teams  played in a round-robin tournament, which determined who advanced to the semi-finals. With this format, all fixtures, dates and locations were known in advance, providing a fixed schedule for the first 45 matches. 

With the amount of games to be played, creating and managing the creative would be difficult as games were scheduled outside of normal Australian work hours. With this in mind, BetEasy worked with its digital agency, Switched On, to automate video ads catered for each individual match — testing this against its previous, generic approach. 

2 Solution

Prepare for Every Game with Creative Templates and Automation

To minimize the manual process of creating and deploying its social media ads — and to maximize its reach during this novel event —  BetEasy turned to Specifically, BetEasy’s marketing team embraced two key features from’s platform for this campaign: Video Templates and Automated Ads. To ensure success with these tools, trained BetEasy’s design team on best practices for creating highly engaging template designs specific to the matches being promoted.

First, a Google spreadsheet-based feed of the round-robin schedule with pertinent details about the tournament was created, including: 

  • date and time of the game
  • start and end dates of promotion
  • ad creative copy 
  • links to images of each country’s logo
  • animations of their call-to-action, (e.g., “Sign Up Now”)

Using the feed, BetEasy could plan ahead and create ads for all 45 round-robin games at least seven days in advance. The ads included a square variation for the Facebook and Instagram feed and a 16:9 version for Facebook and Instagram Stories designed using Video Templates. 

A total of 360 video creatives were compiled, rendered and deployed throughout the tournament. Using a Google spreadsheet time-based formula and’s ad automations, BetEasy implemented a trigger that turned ads on two days before the game —  and off as soon as the games were due to start.


3 Results

Saving Time to Enjoy the Games

As a result of the training and creation of two templates for video ads, BetEasy was able to save over 28 hours in asset creation. Further time savings were captured from the automation of activating and deactivating ads using triggers, especially as games were played outside work hours in Australia. During the final series, ads were created in minutes simply by updating the feed when games were decided. 

Previously, the design team would need to be briefed for asset production, rendering and uploading to Dropbox. Now, with a template on hand, this process took just minutes. Switched On also benefited from significant time savings, no longer needing to manually upload and create ads. 

This streamlined approach enabled both Switched On and BetEasy’s design team to focus on other strategic initiatives. Ultimately, capitalizing on the once-in-four-years event, BetEasy was able to scale up both spend and volume for the tournament, helping it to achieve its acquisition goals.


We wouldn’t have been able to achieve relevant and targeted creative to market and improved workflow processes without’s platform and its supportive team. This was especially true during our 2019 World Cup campaign."

- Jamie Coombes, Digital Marketing Manager, BetEasy

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