Bo LKV Fueled Growth With Automated Ads and Automated Post Boosting

In January 2019, Bo LKV, one of the fastest-growing real estate agencies in Finland, started ramping up growth together with the digital marketing agency Hopkins. Improved efficiency in Facebook Ads allowed Bo LKV to decrease CPM by 41 %, reach 30 % more consumers through Facebook & Instagram and influence a 52 % growth in total website leads.

1 Challenge

How to Improve Efficiency and Growth

Although Bo LKV, founded in 2015, has been able to build a solid brand and grow rapidly, real estate is a highly competitive market.

Bo LKV needed to improve digital advertising efficiency and effectiveness to enable its ambitious growth targets – and bring Facebook ads from ten local markets under one roof.


2 Solution's Automated Ads and Automated Post Boost

In January 2019, Bo LKV started building a holistic digital marketing setup with Hopkins, a Helsinki-based digital marketing agency and Agency Partner. Bo LKV started using Automated Post Boost campaigns on Facebook to promote inspirational content to consumers active in the real estate market from their ten different Facebook pages – targeting ten local real estate markets in Finland.

Bo LKV started using's Automated Ads feature for tactical lead-generation, which enabled running one single campaign in ten different cities, under the Facebook page belonging to each city's office. The setup allows Bo LKV to gather data from all the markets under one campaign, taking better advantage of Facebook's campaign optimization algorithm, while keeping ad creatives local and avoiding separate, manual campaign optimization in each market.


3 Results

Automation Drives Efficiency and Success

Shifting the focus to promoting content automatically and in a unified way across ten local markets enabled Bo LKV to bring Facebook advertising CPM down by 41 % and CPC by 88 % between Q1 2019 and Q1 2020.

The holistic approach to Facebook and Instagram advertising - including both Automatic Post Boosting and tactical Automated Ads campaigns - helped Bo LKV to achieve a +52 % growth in website leads in Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019.

“Our work together with Hopkins, has been characterized by pragmatism and striving for results in a systematic manner. Continuous measurement and analysis, followed by actionable recommendations, have provided us with significant benefits during the past year.”

- Tuomo Räsänen, CEO, Bo Family Group







Growth in Website Leads

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