C More Hooks Fans with Smartly.io's Automated Ads and Video Templates

With the help of Smartly.io’s Automated Ads and Video Templates, C More produces contextualized ads for 260 events per month, increasing subscriptions and cutting costs per action (CPA).

1 Challenge

Increasing Subscriptions with Timely and Tailored Video Ads

C More is a leading streaming service in Sweden that provides online subscription packages. One of the most popular is the sports subscription, which includes hockey, soccer, golf and other events happening worldwide.

In an effort to increase subscriptions, C More’s performance marketing team together with the creative team wanted to test launching tailored video ads one or two days before each individual game or event -- a contrast to their current method of running broad ads that promote only the sport or league in question. The C More team realized their existing workflow of social advertising could not support the scale and speed required to execute this concept.

2 Solution

Video Templates and Automated Ads Grab Fan Attention

To scale their ad campaigns, C More's performance marketing team first built an online database listing all the upcoming sporting events and associated campaign assets they wanted to promote. Simultaneously, Customer Success Managers from Smartly.io guided the C More team in loading this database into Smartly.io's automation engine for dynamic creative ads.

Smartly.io further partnered with C More’s Creative Team once the database was complete to customize video templates to each of their identified audiences and deploy automated ads at scale. This approach helped the brand automatically craft contextualized video ads for 260 events per month.

”Smartly.io's toolkit for Automated Ads has made overwhelming and mundane design tasks feasible for our designers as one template equals an endless amount of ads.” 

- Oscar Sivertzen, Head of Social Production, C MoreC More-Video templates


3 Results

A Victory for Customer Growth and Business Efficiency 

Through its partnership with Smartly.io, C More proved their hypothesis correct -- tailored ads ahead of individual games or events led to significantly more long-term subscriptions. Smartly.io’s automation technology helped reduce video production costs significantly, and the campaign now generates hundreds of contextualized ads each month without the need for oversight by C More’s performance marketing team. In terms of performance, C More saw a 53 percent decrease in CPA and a 128 percent increase in return on ad spend compared to other sports-related campaigns. 

Additionally, the ability to share pivot tables and data with other team members easily and without having to export from the platform has helped streamline business operations. C More can now easily share stats and educate the organization about the efforts and success of the performance marketing team.

“The use of Smartly.io's automation dramatically improved our workflow, and has allowed us to scale this campaign to manage hundreds of ads per month with great results and whenever we had questions, the Smartly.io team was there to support us.”

- Anton Vanhatalo van Rijn, Head of Performance Marketing, C More


in CPA for sport event subscriptions


in ROAS compared to other sport-related campaigns

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