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Joining Forces with a Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook is Carousell's largest social media with 50% of their budget allocated to the channel. Carousell advertises to acquire new app users and match items to buyers on Facebook. To scale up, Carousell decided to join forces with a Facebook Marketing Partner.

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Automating Manual Optimization Tasks

Carousell chose as it is one of the most innovative partners out there, providing access to the latest Facebook solutions and ad formats. Smartly's bespoke automation features, such as Dynamic Image Templates, Predictive Budget Allocation, and rule-based Triggers allowed Carousell to refocus their efforts on value-adding work instead of manual campaign setup or optimization.

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Acquiring Users at a Lower Cost

With, Carousell is innovating their digital marketing strategy through A/B testing, new features, and automation. As a result, they are acquiring customers at a lower cost than ever before. Automated Ads campaigns created with Dynamic Image Templates outperform regular static ads, allowing Carousell to scale budgets whilst hitting their KPIs.

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