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Taking Facebook marketing operations in-house with

1 Situation

Choosing the Right Facebook Marketing Partner

Chatbooks, a leading photo book company was looking to join forces with an FMP for the first time. 60-70% of Chatbooks’ ad budget is allocated to Facebook and Instagram marketing. They run a range of campaigns from brand awareness, video views, website conversions, website clicks, mobile app engagement, to mobile app installs. They were looking for a partner that would help them automate their prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Tailored and personal customer service was another key requirement for finding the right FMP.

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2 Solution

How to Move Ad Ops In-House & Scale FB Campaigns Without Growing the Team?

Chatbooks tapped into Smartly’s powerful optimization features to automate and scale their prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Stop Loss helps pause ineffective creatives, while Predictive Budget Allocation automatically reallocates more budget to best-performing ones based on rules set by the advertiser. With, Chatbooks was able to automate their workflow while scaling up their Facebook advertising. As a result, Chatbooks was able to move all their ad spend in-house and manage it internally.

“Adding in automation tools will make your life so much easier and will allow you to scale much faster than doing things manually.”
- Gerardo Castillo, Director of Customer Acquisition, Chatbooks
3 Results

-15% Drop in Cost-Per-Acquisition

“The level of service has impressed us: went out of their way to implement custom integrations with our existing tools.”

Chatbooks reduced their CPA by -15% while tripling their ad spend across Facebook and Instagram. What's even better, they did not need to hire more people to run the campaigns.





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