Conversion Rates Soar for Copenhagen Airport

1 Challenge

How to Optimize Directly for Google Analytics Goals

Copenhagen Airport wanted to promote offers for their airport parking. Previously, they had used Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization for campaigns, but since they use Google Analytics for analyzing advertising performance, they wanted to test optimizing directly for Google Analytics goals. 

2 Solution

Predictive Budget Allocation with Google Analytics Goal for Optimization

Working with the media agency PHD Denmark, Copenhagen Airport decided to test’s Predictive Budget Allocation feature with Google Analytics conversions. They decided to run two campaigns at the same time: 

  1. A campaign with Facebook's CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) optimization and a custom Facebook pixel conversion event for optimization, 
  2. A campaign with's PBA (Predictive Budget Allocation) and a Google Analytics goal for optimization. 

The two campaigns had the same budgets, targeting, and ad creative.

3 Results's Predictive Budget Allocation Works Wonderfully with Google Analytics 

When looking at the results for Facebook pixel purchase events, the Facebook algorithm was powerful. The campaign using CBO brought in 6% more Facebook pixel purchase event conversions with a 5% lower CPA. 

However, for an advertiser that bases performance analytics on Google Analytics goals,’s Predictive Budget Allocation with Google Analytics integration was a clear win. The campaign using PBA with the Google Analytics integration brought in 35% more Google Analytics goal completions with a 26% lower CPA. 

PHD concluded that’s Google Analytics integration and Predictive Budget Allocation work wonderfully for advertisers that use Google Analytics to analyze overall success for advertising, 


"We have been challenged with optimizing our media budget towards sales because of the different platforms’ attribution models versus the sales we can track in Google Analytics. Optimizing towards Google Analytics conversions with allows us to spend our budget where we can see the results."

- Moni Tornager Andersen, Social & Digital Media Manage, Copenhagen Airport



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