Coolwin Games Gained 34% ROAS with Cohort Optimization

Coolwin Games is one of China’s leading gaming publishers, best known for their role-playing games. Releasing games that almost everyone can get into and play for years, Coolwin Games wanted to run a series of cohort optimisations automatically, in an almost immediate fashion. They achieved up to 34% incremental performance on their return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) with

1 Challenge

Going for the Kill by Optimizing for Final ROAS

Coolwin Games wanted to optimize revenue data from their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), Appsflyer. They had been doing this very manually; comparing data from Facebook against Appsflyer, then modifying budgets for campaigns/adsets accordingly. With so much time spent on manual optimizations and not being able to do it immediately, they were not able to maximize their ROAS, which is the single most important factor in scaling up their acquisition of new players. The gaming publisher needed a solution to scale and automate their workflow, while achieving the goal set for the performance marketing team.

2 Solution

Gaining MP to Optimize Budgets Towards Third-Party Data

Having integrated Appsflyer data easily with their campaigns in, Coolwin Games was then able to take advantage of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology from to automatically allocate budgets across campaigns. By doing so, the gaming publisher was able to automate budget allocation for campaigns that achieved specific goals, such as fixed ROAS numbers, ROAS for a 7-day cohort revenue or ROAS for a 7-day yield. Coolwin Games was also able to scale up budgets when campaign objectives were met.

The gaming publisher also wanted to understand the drivers behind high-value players. By taking advantage of the visualized reporting capabilities from, Coolwin Games obtained the insights they needed cross-account, to even the most granular levels. This was available to them in real-time, from building flexible reports via integrated third-party data across all relevant sources.

By saving up to 60% of their time originally spent on manually creating reports, Coolwin Games could redirect this on analyzing key trends and improving strategies to level up the performance of their campaigns.

“ has helped us break through the business development bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in revenue and ROI, while greatly improving the efficiency of our digital advertising.” - Mike, CMO, Coolwin Games
3 Results

Drastically Increasing ROAS by 34% 

By allocating budget based on Coolwin Games’ ROAS objectives, they significantly increased their ROAS by an astounding 34% for their 3-day cohort revenue and were able to re-align their optimization strategy for future campaigns.

“The partnership with has taught me a lot of Facebook optimization strategies that are very different from how digital advertising is typically done in China. For example, using ROI to measure ads or to use ROI to optimize ads are actually two completely different matters. I’m very confident of leveling up Coolwin Games’ optimizations on Facebook with” - Juzi, Campaign Manager, Coolwin Games


Increase in ROAS


Time saved on manual work

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