Hawkers Creates Demand With Instagram Retargeting

Hawkers is a next generation sunglasses company.

1 Challenge

Building Brand Awareness on Instagram

Hawkers wanted to build their brand awareness and to be the first sunglasses company to launch a major promotion on Instagram. They also wanted to create synergies with simultaneous campaigns on other social media platforms to drive end of summer sales.

2 Solution

Time-Sensitive Offers for Consumer Urgency

Hawkers ran prospecting and retargeting Instagram Ads campaigns with discount codes using a version of the same creatives they used on Facebook. Smartly’s campaign automation tools and triggers enabled Hawkers to maximize ROI by easily reducing the discount they offered (starting with 40% OFF and decreasing to 25%) during the course of the campaign to encourage customers to act fast.

3 Results

3X-11X ROI

The campaign was a resounding success with an overall 3X ROI for prospecting ad sets and 11X ROI for their custom audience remarketing efforts. Hawkers plans to split their future marketing investment between Facebook and Instagram to reach a bigger audience of engaged consumers.


ROI for custom audience remarketing


ROI for prospecting ad sets

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