Daraz Gets Playful with Scratch Card Ads on Facebook to Drive App Installs

Daraz, South Asia’s largest online marketplace, was looking to acquire new users to their app. They launched a special campaign with an in-app discount code for Pakistan Day Sale. Together with Smartly.io, Daraz launched an innovative scratch card Playable Ad, making them the first non-gaming advertiser in the region to champion the Playable Ads.

1 Challenge

Finding a Unique Way to Promote Discount Codes to Drive App Installs

As an e-commerce business, Daraz, had to come up with a unique idea for their Pakistan Day Sale campaign. Not only did they want to promote their app, but also a discount code for first-time purchases on the app. These objectives presented an interesting creative challenge to their team.

Facebook recently launched Playable Ads, an interactive ad format initially meant for gaming advertisers. Daraz was considering Playable Ads for the campaign, but the development work posed a technical challenge as the format requires a deployed HTML asset.

2 Solution

Scratchable Playable Ad

Daraz wanted to adapt the Playable Ad to their unique use case. They partnered up with Smartly.io to overcome the technical and creative challenges.

The Playable Ad idea was realized as a one-of-a-kind scratch card ad, offering a discount code for download. Smartly.io developed the ad, which users could scratch using their mobile’s natural swiping capability. Once users scratched the ad and received the discount code, they could go directly to the app store to download the app.


3 Results

70% Higher Conversion Rate from App Install to App Purchase

The scratchable Playable Ad saw great results in driving app installs and in-app purchases. The creative resulted in a 70% higher conversion rate from app install to app purchase. In addition, it saw a 3X increase in post shares in comparison to DPA app install campaigns.

Daraz was the first non-gaming advertiser in the region to go live with Playable Ads. Not only did the ad see high conversion and engagement rates, but it also generated a lot of buzz for the brand. 

“Smartly.io guided us through the entire process of launching the campaign and provided us with technical support required to create the unique ad format.” 

Mizyal Wahid, Facebook Channel Head


Conversion Rate



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