Dentsu X & Jaguar Land Rover Scale Ad Production Across 16 Countries

Dentsu X and Jaguar Land Rover wanted to run ads for pre-approved cars in dealerships in three languages across 16 countries.

1 Challenge

Run On-Brand Ads Across 16 Countries and Three Languages

Together, the agency Dentsu X and Jaguar Land Rover wanted to run ads for pre-approved cars in three languages across 16 countries. The agency found it challenging to constantly follow up with all the dealers manually to assure that inventory was up-to-date.

Moreover, the dealerships were inputting data (i.e. mileage, price, currency etc) in different formats, resulting in slow creative production, delays in campaign launches, and errors. The  ads also had to comply with different brand guidelines for Jaguar and Land Rover, which added another layer of complexity.



2 Solution's Image Templates Automate Creative Production Without Compromising Brand Equity

Dentsu X used’s Image Templates to automate creative production following their client’s brand guidelines. The templates were used in Carousel and still ads across Facebook and Instagram.

“It was a challenge for us to promote dynamic inventory via static ads. With the help of, we managed to create hundreds of creatives on the go which ultimately delivered much better results when compared with the static generic image ads.”

- Faisal Ahmed - Associate Performance Director, Dentsu X

The ads were paired with’s Automated Ads feature to maximize efficiency and retarget users that had already shown intent.’s Predictive Budget Allocation was then used to ensure that creative, efficiency, and performance were met to optimize towards custom conversions.

Everything was made possible through compiling the dealership data into one XML file that dealerships could easily update.

3 Results

175 Ads Created in 10 Minutes

Dentsu X ensured that all ads were linked to their respective approved market site where people could both inquire and purchase on the spot – which helped increase ad engagement, traffic and leads.

“We challenged to launch a very complicated dynamic campaign, which needed a lot of technical support and they supported us throughout the process leading to great results.” 

- Jamil Alazayem, Digital Marketing Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover



Decrease in Creative Production Time





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