eBay Automates Video From Product Feeds

The online marketplace giant eBay relies on Facebook and Instagram to promote their top deals in multiple categories and across multiple markets.

1 Challenge

Seasonal Videos for Instagram Stories 

eBay had already ventured into creative automation by using Smartly.io Image Templates to automate Instagram Stories slideshow ads. With the holiday season approaching, eBay wanted to take their campaigns a step further by introducing seasonal video ads in Instagram Stories to promote holiday offers.

How to Automate and Update Hundreds of Video Ads from a Product Feed?

eBay has a broad product catalog with frequently updated deals and price information. The video ads had to be refreshed every day to include the right products with up-to-date price information. Making the necessary changes to the videos and launching new ads manually was out of the question, especially during the busy end-of-year advertising season.

2 Solution

On-Brand Holiday Instagram Stories Ads with Video Templates

eBay partnered with Smartly.io to design holiday video templates that displayed offers and included seasonal elements to delight audiences. Smartly.io’s Video Templates allowed eBay to run on-brand video ads for their top deals in multiple product categories. All product and price information was automatically updated in the live ads to reflect changes in eBay’s product catalog.




3 Results

Hundreds of Branded Videos Created Automatically 

Smartly.io's Video Templates allowed eBay to produce hundreds of branded videos with differing products and prices. 

"Smartly.io Video Templates enhanced our
Instagram Stories Holiday campaigns with
appealing videos featuring our Popular Gifts. Scaling video with up-to-date products
and prices wouldn't be possible without a
creative automation solution. We look forward
to scaling our video advertising even further
in 2018 with Video Templates."

Sadie Daryan, Global Sr. Manager, Channel Incubation, eBay


Of Video Ads Automatically

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