Hawooo Courted The Right Customers With 20% Increase On Return On Ad Spend

In addition to exceeding its ROAS goal, the Taiwanese e-commerce company also saved 15% in work hours while boosting its website traffic and sales using Smartly.io's automated campaign creation and optimisation triggers.

1 Challenge

Seeking Shopaholics

Hawooo is a Taiwanese e-commerce site that promotes Taiwanese apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and skincare brands in Southeast Asia.

Hawooo wanted to further expand into Southeast Asia. Their challenge was to acquire new valuable customers, while simultaneously engage its existing pool of customers. The company wanted to reach people that were interested in fashion and lifestyle to increase awareness, consideration, and sales. They also looked to achieve a 15% ROAS.


2 Solution

Smart Ads, Tight Community

To boost its website traffic, Hawooo ran Dynamic Ads retargeted to people who had previously visited the website. The e-commerce site used Smartly.io's Dynamic Image Templates tool to create high-quality, localized ad creatives with seasonal themes and relevant information such as pricing. Combining this with Smartly.io's Automated Ads and Video Templates, Hawooo featured bestselling items to drive sales.

Smartly.io’s Predictive Budget Allocation and optimization strategies helped Hawooo to monitor ad performance by automatically pausing and defunding ads that underperformed and boosting those that performed well. The team also used Facebook’s lookalike audiences to reach new customers who resembled Hawooo’s existing consumer base. For retargeting, the company zeroed in on people who had already viewed or added products to their shopping carts, reminding them to return to complete their purchase.

Hawooo also worked with 300 social media content creators in Malaysia to produce promotional content for Facebook in the form of photos and videos. The content creators recorded live-streaming sessions that Hawooo repurposed as creatives for the campaign. They also used Facebook Events to bring together the content creators' fans and invited them to live events. The live events helped them to create local communities of loyal users.


Hawooo-phone mockup2

3 Results

Pushing Fashion Forward

Hawooo’s ongoing marketing campaign has benefited from Smartly.io’s range of creative and strategic tools, as well as Facebook’s audience management technology. Compared to previous Facebook campaigns, this one saw a 20% higher return on ad spend and a 15% decrease in work hours

“From visitor acquisition and product testing to retargeting, Facebook has advertising solutions for the entire marketing funnel. Facebook ads have helped us to build awareness of Hawooo's brand in new markets and achieve our sales goals efficiently. With Smartly.io's help, we managed to save on 15% of manpower while improving our return on ad spend by 20%, all on Facebook advertising.“

Joey Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at Hawooo




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