YIT Saves Time and Benefits from Steady Results with the Help of Automated Ads

Finland-based YIT creates better living environments by developing and constructing housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. They have several housing projects under construction around the country and all of them have unique requirements for advertising.

1 Challenge

How to Automate Campaign Management and Reduce Errors?

Launching the ad campaigns required a lot of manual work both from YIT’s marketing team and the partner operating the campaigns. Due to the manual work, ads were prone to little mistakes in the project details as every update or pause needed to be performed on a manual basis. Allocating budgets was also very time-consuming for both parties, and the process called for more efficient and data-based decisions.

2 Solution

Eliminate Manual Work and Improve Ad Quality with Automated Ads

In co-operation with digital agency OIKIO, YIT uses Smartly.io’s Automated Ads with a housing feed that includes up-to-date information across all housing projects in the Finnish market. Automated Ads allowed YIT to divide projects into specific campaigns based on information in the feed - removing the need for manual adjustments. Automated Ads also enabled YIT to utilize Image and Video Templates to provide more relevant information to the target audiences and make the ads more thumb-stopping. 

YIT also utilizes Predictive Budget Allocation and 3rd party data integration capabilities to optimize using Google Analytics Goals. With these tools YIT has intelligently allocated its marketing budget between the different projects based on performance and machine-learning. 

3 Results

Massive Time Savings and Higher Quality Ads

This nearly fully automated setup has reduced time spent on campaign management by 25% compared to the old system and increased confidence of all  parties since the team can rest assured that the ads are a) running with correct details, and b) providing steady results.

YIT is just getting started with ad templates that have already outperformed their regular ads, and will keep providing versatility and intriguing details to their Facebook campaigning to best serve the end client in all phases of the customer funnel.

In addition to time saved, we find great benefit from having a reliable campaign structure in Smartly that makes sure we have up-to-date information in our ads and that we have full control on the images and copy text shown in the ads."

- Anna-Eerika Ropponen, Marketing Manager at YIT Suomi Oy


Time saved on campaign management

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