Trendyol Achieves 80% Time Saved Through Automation with Smartly.io



Trendyol is the largest e-commerce company in Turkey, as well as one of the leading global e-commerce platforms. Founded in 2010, Trendyol has been a growing brand in the market ever since. Trendyol digital marketing team has been partnering with Smartly.io to optimize and expand their Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts for 4 years.

1 Goal

How to Automate Campaign Creation to Create More Time for Strategic Work? 

Trendyol’s digital marketing team has been managing campaign creation for a large volume of sales events each month, resulting in up to 60hrs per month spent on uploading new video creatives. The team wanted to find a solution that would automate these processes, allowing them to invest their time in more valuable tasks that would help them drive innovation and performance, such as testing and strategic planning.

During every event period (about 2-3 times per month), the Trendyol team has to upload 15-25 videos to Facebook manually to create ads. 

  • This takes about 20-30 hours every two weeks
  • This takes away the marketing team's valuable time from, especially during an event time when their efforts could be focused more on the campaign performance and making strategic decisions


2 Solution

Smartly.io Customer Success Team Created a Tailored Automated Solution 

Trendyol worked with their Smartly.io Customer Success team to create a tailored automated solution to fit their needs, allowing them to more easily and automatically upload videos to Smartly and Facebook asset libraries simultaneously using a simple Google Sheet. 

Campaigns were automatically created with these videos, and Trendyol can easily access these videos for use in any campaign from their stored position in the asset library. 

  • With Smartly.io’s easy feed solution, the creative team is able to upload the videos to a Google Drive folder
  • Then the Digital Marketing team can turn those videos into downloadable links automatically and uploading them to Smartly.io and Facebook asset libraries simultaneously
  • At the same time, we also create the campaigns with the videos while we upload the videos to Facebook. Previously these were two separate steps that we are combining into one now to save more time.
  • This also gives the Trendyol team the opportunity to use these videos in any other campaigns that they may want to add, since the videos are also uploaded to their Asset Library already.


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“As Trendyol’s digital marketing team, everyday we look for new ways to perform better. Smartly.io's Automated Ads solution allowed us to save time and helped us innovate on our video processes. It opened a new major chapter in our daily lives! Thanks to the Smartly.io team for always being there 5/24 when we need it.”

Zeynep Çetin, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist


Saving 80% of
the Time with Automating
Campaign Creation

With automation, Trendyol is able to save approximately 80% of the time previously spent on uploading/creating campaigns. By reducing their manual work, they can be more flexible in creative testing, and more agile in launching teaser videos that lead up to major events

This saves Trendyol about 80% of their time by uploading and creating campaigns at the same time. 

  • Because they can now create the campaigns as the videos are prepared by the creative team, the Trendyol team can be much more flexible in testing how early they would like to release their teaser videos for the events.


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