VivaReal Sees 4X Conversions with Lead Ads

VivaReal is Brazil's largest real estate portal.

1 Challenge

Needed: Facebook Ad Conversions

VivaReal wanted to increase the number of leads from their Facebook campaigns. Their ads had loads of information on freshly introduced properties and VivaReal wanted to ensure they collected  details of these prospects.

2 Solution

Making Mobile Conversions Easy

VivaReal started running mobile campaigns using Facebook's new Lead Ad format, which significantly improved the flow of submitting information on mobile. Instead of having to go to an external website to fill in their details, the users were able to send a pre-filled form in the Facebook mobile app in just a couple of taps.

3 Results

Great Leads...And Plenty of Them

The conversion rate from impressions to leads was 4x higher than with regular Link Ads. This meant that VivaReal was able to increase their budgets by 150% while simultaneously decreasing their cost per lead by as much as 80%. Additionally, VivaReal didn't need to compromise on the high quality standards set on the leads.


Higher Conversion Rate


Decreased Cost Per Lead

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