Taking Creative Automation a Step Further: Introducing Video Templates 

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Social video advertising spend is projected to reach $4 billion this year, Instagram Stories has over 300M active users, and it’s hard to go a week without seeing a trend piece on how “video has gone vertical”. This poses both exciting opportunities and practical challenges for digital advertisers. How to adopt video advertising at scale in a feasible manner?

At, we understand the critical role creative plays in the performance mix – our vision is to automate much of the bottlenecks in ad creation, so brands can create and buy ad space at once.

Back in 2015 we were the first partner to launch Image Templates to solve that challenge. Now, we’re excited to announce a new, powerful addition to our automation family: Video Templates!

Mobile-First and Automated Video Creation

With Video Templates, brands can build, design, and iterate short-form, mobile-friendly video campaigns quickly and easily from a single interface. The videos are short and designed to capture attention quickly and work with sound-off mobile consumption.

Advertisers can pull image or video assets from their product catalogs or feeds, combine those with other still or video assets, as well as modify and customize templates with an in-tool video editor.

We’ve created a series of predesigned templates for a variety of campaign types: product sales, promoting a product category, or app campaigns, to name a few. The templates are 4-15 seconds long and rendered in square or vertical formats. All content updates automatically to reflect changes in advertisers’ product feeds or in the template design.

Create, Automate, Launch, and Test on One Platform

Even the best performing ads will suffer from ad fatigue eventually – sustainable Facebook strategies should include continuous testing to find the next winning approach.

With Video Templates, marketers can quickly edit and create variants for testing and iteration. Colors, logos, copy, layout, video length, sequencing of images, or different intros are all editable directly on the platform. This makes it easy to preserve brand integrity without necessarily involving designers or a creative agency in the process.

The A/B testing functionality allows brands to find approaches that drive results and use these insights to tweak the videos. Brands can also adapt asset dimensions to test ad placement performance. 

Early Customer Successes

We’ve been developing Video Templates, our video editor and the preset templates together with advertisers including eBay, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, TechStyle, Hopper, and electronics retailer Frávega. The brands share their experiences and examples below.


Frávega tested automated video against still creative and saw outstanding results.

"Video Templates brought us great results on Facebook - 49% lower CPA than with static images. We believe it’s an excellent format to reach users with better quality ads and take full advantage of the branding impact of video." Alejandro Fogarolli, Performance Team Lead, Frávega


eBay ran an Instagram Stories ad campaign using a video template that combined product images, names and prices into compelling videos that updated automatically with deals and product availability.

"Video Templates enhanced our Instagram Stories holiday campaigns with videos featuring our Popular Gifts offers. Keeping so many video ads up-to-date with products and prices wouldn't be possible without a creative automation solution. We look forward to scaling our video advertising even further in 2018 with Video Templates." Sadie Daryan, Global Sr. Manager, Channel Incubation, eBay

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM used Video Templates to take a video ad that had been performing well and scale it across multiple outbound locations, using a feed with destination and images:

"Adding video to the paid social advertising mix drives performance and gave us clear lift in upper funnel metrics like CTR.’s Video Templates make it possible to create personalized branding videos for each city we fly out of." Martine van der Lee, Director of Social Media, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

We’re continuing to expand Video Templates functionalities based on our customer feedback to include additional template presets, square and horizontal videos, as well add more editing capabilities for layers, animations, sounds, and timelines. If you are a customer, reach out to your account manager for access. New customers, get in touch with us to learn more about our creative automation and platform capabilities.

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