Automatic Facebook Page Post Boosting Magic

Lauri Hynynen Mar 17 2016 9 AM | 1 min read

Promoting well-performing page posts is a great way to build on your organic reach and bring new prospective customers to your site. We wanted to make it a easier with a bit of automation.

Sometimes posts do exceptionally well and even surprise the content creators with their number of comments, likes and shares. Other times, not so much. Following a Facebook page’s activity can be a time-consuming job for advertisers.

Tracking the performance of posts, especially if you’re making several a day or have multiple pages to manage, can mean a lot of manual work. Often, it’s different teams doing these two tasks, with community managers posting content and then contacting the marketing team to promote posts. This is why we created our Automated Post Boosting tool. Check it out in this short video:

Automated Post Boosting campaigns let you define what kind of posts get promoted and how many are promoted at once. You can filter posts based on:

  • Different metrics such as number of likes or engagement rate, e.g. "Boost only posts that have more than 100 likes"
  • Time since post publish. For example "Include only posts that were published under 24 hours ago"
  • Post content, such as a message or just generally by post type. For example "Match only posts that contain 'Sale'" or "Don't include status updates"

You can can set a fixed budget for each post you boost or set a monthly (or daily) campaign-level budget for boosting published posts, and even define different audiences to promote the posts to.

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Lauri Hynynen

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