Play Attention: 3 Ways to Create Content for the Snap Screen

Katie Takacs May 27 2021 4 PM | 2 min read

Will Scougal, Director of Creative Strategy at Snapchat, feels that the biggest lie advertisers and marketers can buy into would be believing that attention is a diminishing resource in the digital era. This is far from true. If anything, attention is diversifying rather than diminishing. The full suite attention is available on Snapchat, and it’s built around the camera.

Fast impressions, minutes spent, and augmented reality are all Snapchat native metrics of attention. It would not be a stretch to say that Snapchat's community has revolutionized storytelling powered by creative tools and marketers can find a unique value within this. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” seems quite apt here.

Snapchat has experienced exponential growth with a 40% year on year growth in discovery, 55% year on year growth in total time spent watching premium content, and 100 channels with 10m+ monthly viewers. The user stats and varying video formats provide the Snapchat team with unique insights that can help their partners grow with them. For Will Scougal, the four pillars of Snapchat content are: user stories, publisher stories, shows, and originals, and all four have value for advertisers today.

Capturing Attention On Snap

The fundamentals of mobile advertising remain the same but transposing them onto the creative opportunities that Snapchat's platform provides can make for a fruitful campaign that converts to a lifelong relationship with your audience. For anyone marketing on Snapchat there are three creative routes to pick: thinking like a friend, thinking like a publisher, and thinking like a director.

What’s the difference? Will’s got some thoughts on the topic:

#1 Thinking Like a Friend


The nuances of this road would be candid expression through creative tools. Thinking like a friend means creating campaigns that are native, fun, layered, and varied. AR and humor are your best friends here. When you think like a friend, you can create with freedom.

#2 Thinking Like a Publisher


To succeed on this route you need to win the 1st second and build a narrative with each tap. Graphics and text work hand in hand and pace is your best friend here. Context of how and when the story is delivered is how brands that think like publishers succeed.

#3 Thinking Like a Director


Here your challenge is building intimacy with your audience within the first three seconds.You must be consistently and constantly engaging. When thinking like a director and telling a full story at an accelerated pace, there is no place for fluff and pace is key.

Will Scougal maintains that the basics of advertising are the same as they always were: early branding, clear call to action, and pace are just as important as they ever were, just with a few additional layers now. Catch the full masterclass for more inspiration and insights of successful campaigns by brands in all three creative strategy routes.

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