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Jeff Cohn Nov 03 2021 4 PM | 4 min read

Retail consumers are buying in bulk—so why aren’t you? Sure, maybe beverages and hand sanitizer warrant a higher necessity than your social advertising campaigns. But just as consumer goods are fast-moving, so are consumers themselves. So ask yourself: without your advertising presence, where else might they be shopping?

The Benefits of Bulk for Consumers

Whether consumers are buying from club membership stores, delivery subscriptions, or sales events, their goal remains the same across the board: taking advantage of pricing and availability. Consider some of the main benefits of buying in bulk as a consumer:

  1. Cost Efficiency

    A consumer can often unlock cheaper prices and rates by buying multiple products at one time or by maintaining a subscription to a set of items. This means that, in effect, they are getting the individual items for less over the long term.

  2. Time Savings

    Buying in bulk reduces the number of trips to stores and online purchases. This also means a shopper doesn’t have to fill out their customer order details or payment information as often.

  3. Outsmarting Market Trends

    Supply and demand is the name of the game. For those who can spot high demand coming before it even occurs, bulk purchasers ensure they keep their own supply high while capitalizing on real-time availability.

Bulk Functionalities on Paid Social Are No Different

As an advertiser, it can feel daunting to deal with a high volume of platforms, campaigns, audiences, and ads. When strategic direction is constantly changing and it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to execute, the problems only get exacerbated. That is why we at are always thinking of how to improve ease of use for social advertisers so that they can get ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the ways you can use to buy in bulk on paid social:

  1. Bid and Budget Adjustments

    Some people say money is the key to happiness, but have those people ever had to change bids or budgets mid-flight across a multitude of social campaigns?! Changing bids in bulk can be helpful when you want to be mindful of auction and seasonal competitiveness. Bid adjustments are also necessary to see the best performance possible against each of your audience groups. Our budget management offering also ensures you can quickly scale budgets up or down based on data, as well as assign budgetary changes across campaigns in bulk.

  2. Targeting

    Making bulk edits to targeting parameters can certainly come in handy when certain interests, behaviors, keywords, or other audience segments are underperforming or need to be changed. Rather than wasting time combing through each ad set or ad group to make manual changes, allows for you to either update these details within a feed or in the platform directly. This way you can ensure the right audiences continue to see the right messages for your ad campaigns, all while eliminating the possibility of making human errors or inconsistencies.

  3. Naming and Tagging

    Whether you’re dealing with an unforgiving taxonomy or you’re tasked with the challenge of monitoring individual campaign details for granular reporting, has you covered. Our macros enable you to automatically generate names for values like placements, creative type, call-to-action, device, optimization goal, gender, or even countries—all in one fell swoop. Tagging is another great capability you can leverage, which allows you to add custom metadata to campaigns within the platform for advanced analysis and filtering in bulk.

  4. Campaign Creation

    Stand up complex or large campaigns in just minutes with the power of automation. Just sync a data sheet, feed, or campaign launch document to to automatically create, archive, and update ad sets and ads at scale based on the information and changes that occur in your source document. gives you the ability to quickly generate a variety of ads based on variable inputs like product inventory data, weather, live betting odds, sports events, and more.

  5. Creatives

    Using’s Creative Editor, advertisers can seamlessly create original image and video templates to plug and play into campaigns on social platforms. The tool also allows for modular creative, meaning multiple assets with slightly different elements can be generated at scale. A great example of this approach in action is Retail Ads, powered by Retail Ads empower retail advertisers to easily tailor their creative assets to highlight multiple shopping options. They also save time while bypassing the outdated and laborious process of manually creating ad versions for each type of shopping behavior. Lastly, for standard Facebook campaigns you can tap into our creative bulk importing feature to bypass the manual ad creation process.

So stock up now before it’s too late! Contact us to learn more on how we help social advertisers 'bulk up'.

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